Pregnancy Massage

Whether you are an existing client or a new one, I’m always happy to work with a woman throughout her pregnancy and after. While pregnancy usually brings lots of joy, it also brings lots of change, both to our bodies and our lives.

I’ve worked with many women throughout their pregnancies. While many women experience minimal discomfort from the changes their bodies go through, for others it can be a lot more difficult and stressful. Massage is a great way to help with the discomfort and stress that we often experience during and after pregnancy.

DO check in with your doctor regularly and make sure there’s no complications that would make massage inappropriate. While massage is incredibly safe in most situations, there are a few rare health complications where massage isn’t a good choice.


During the first trimester, there are not a lot of changes to our massage routine. I will make sure we’ve discussed potential health risks and miscarriages, but massage will not influence a healthy pregnancy.

Around month 5, you’ll find you’re not comfortable on your stomach. This can happen earlier if it’s not your first pregnancy. We switch to laying on your side with pillows to keep you comfortable for the rest of the pregnancy. This is also the safest position for your baby during the rest of your pregnancy.

I will check in with you at each appointment to make sure you’re up to date with your doctor and everything is healthy. If you are experiencing complications, it is important that you get the all clear from your doctor to continue with massage treatments. My first priority is always the safety of you and your baby.