About Your Massage

The Massage Space

Your massage will take place in my family home.  There is a separate room dedicated to massaging that is quiet, peaceful and clean. 

Your Phone

Do turn off your phone if you can!  It will let you focus on yourself and fully relax.


Cupping can be included in your treatment at no extra cost.  Yes it is safe.  I have both silicon cups and glass fire cups.  Yes, it will likely leave some marks.  These will usually fade quickly.  Usually.  If you’re wearing a backless dress to your wedding in the next few weeks, it’s probably not the time to get cupping done.


Communication is always the key to a good massage treatment.  I have a wide range of techniques I can use, so if something isn’t working for you, please tell me and I can approach it differently.  If at any point you need anything changed during your treatment, please let me know!  Whether it’s the temperature, pillows, or the pressure or technique I am using, I am always happy to readjust.


When you arrive the first time, you will need to fill out a form with your basic information and health concerns.  Direct billing can be set up at this point as well.


Most massages are done using some sort of oil based product directly on your skin.  When you are getting ready, undress to your level of comfort (usually underwear) and climb under the blanket and sheet on the table.  I will only uncover the part of the body I am working on.  The rest of you will remain covered for everyone’s comfort and modesty.  I do have massage techniques that work for someone who is fully clothed when it’s appropriate or necessary.

Please be aware that oil can stain.  Any clothing you leave on, may get oil on it.  There are always towels and cloths available on the shelf to wipe off any excess oil at the end of your treatment.

After Your Massage

Stay hydrated.  Have a bath with epsom salts (and please be aware you’re covered in slippery oil that can make your tub slippery).